front desk Uniforms for Men and women

Hotel/front desk Uniforms

Luxury Hotel Collection custom made as uniforms for your front desk and concierge.
All suits are made from the finest imported fabrics and custom made in New York. There is a suit to uniform every body shape and you can mix and match accordingly. All suits are available in various fabric blends, weights and patterns in order to fit your hotel and/or your propertys surroundings. You can uniform all of your Front Desk employees, Concierge, Managers, Executives, Lounge, Restaurant or Bar staff with these fashionable retail quality uniforms. Contact a Frontline Hospitality representative for assistance with pricing and customization.

Please refer to the IMAGE NUMBER when inquiring. Thank you.

No. FD5000No. FD5001No. FD5002No. FD5003
No. FD5004No. FD5005No. FDW5006No. FD5007
No. FDW5008No. FD5009No. FDW5010No. FD5011
No. FD5012
No. FD5013No. FDW5014